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Release Date April 30, 2019
Location Yamantau, Bashkortostan
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Release DateLocationRemakes
April 30, 2019Yamantau, BashkortostanView All

Black Ops Flashback: Deep within the snowy Russia borders, a covert laboratory has spun up production of weaponized Nova 6 chemicals. – WMD

nice view outside the map wmd

The views outside WMD have not changed from the Black Ops version of the map but the view is sure more detailed. Tall snow-covered mountains filled with pine trees and a bright pink sky make for a good sight.

laud train on wmd

A loud train is heard rumbling through the tunnel just to the outskirts of the map as players start the battle. The old train can be seen leaving a large cloud of black smoke in the sky by running to the far side of the map.

button to control trolley cart

On top of the tower, you will see a button that controls the location of the box strapped to the trolley cart, pushing the button causes it to move from side to side. A button can also be seen in the main building that controls it, use these buttons to kill snipers that might be standing in its path.

black ops 1 nuketown picture

Pictures around the map show the original Nuketown map from Black Ops 1, you can also see references to the Nuketown map in this game and how the center of the map opens up.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Night Light