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Release Date October 12, 2018
Location Hunan, China
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
October 12, 2018Hunan, ChinaNone

A covert listening station deep in the mountainous region of Human Province is being used to track strategic targets across the globe. – Frequency

outside of Frequency

Outside Frequency you can see a large satellite surrounded by tall mountain tops and clouds; other smaller satellites are seen on other mountain tops. The distance seems to just be empty sky with clouds overhead.

at the starting of the match

At the start of the match a large gust of wind hits the mountain top map and scatters garbage everywhere, most of the stuff fly’s off the map and into the sky.

surveillance bureau

Inside the Worldwide Surveillance Bureau room you can find a surveillance video of the multiplayer map Firing Range, recording many areas of the map including an overhead view.

Donnie RUIN Walsh

Target: Donnie “RUIN” Walsh, born into a military family and raised in a tough neighborhood, Donnie Walsh grew up fearless and headstrong. Joining the army straight out of high school. Walsh is an infantry soldier through and through; the battlefield has become his second home.
He is suspicious of covert ops and anything that operates outside of the established chain of command, viewing them as dishonorable; he prefers a straight-up fair fight, and knows that there’s never a substitute for good boots on the ground.
Now cybernetically augmented, he uses his unique abilities to rush headlong into the fray; meeting his enemies with sheer unadulterated and overwhelming force!

Erin BATTERY Baker

Target: Erin “BATTERY” Baker, the only daughter and youngest child of five siblings, Erin Baker always had to fight to get her way. Following in a family tradition of over 100 years of military service, and watching her brothers enter the US Army one-by-one, she finally graduated high school and enrolled herself. Driven to excel by her ongoing rivalry with her brothers, she volunteered for airborne school, before crushing the ranger assessment and selection program. Heavily armored, she fearlessly operates ahead of the front lines, nimbly traversing urban environments, as she destroys hvts with salvoes of advanced high-explosive munitions.

He SERAPH Zhen-Zhen

Target: He “SERAPH” Zhen-Zhen, the only child of a feared officer of the 54 immortals, HE Zhen-Zhen was raised within the ranks of the Singapore quarantine zones ruling criminal combine, she proved the be an excellent and dedicated pupil, learning the traditions and honored lineage of the organization while pursuing martial training with a single-minded determination. She worked hard to neither disappoint her father, or the combine’s leadership.
At 17 she was elevated to the rank of enforcer; one of the few who police the combine from within, while ruthlessly executing the will of the 54l wherever and whenever it might be required.

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