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Call of Duty Maps


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Release Date October 12, 2018
Location Japan
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
October 12, 2018JapanNone

A Japanese metropolis whose city center has been jammed up by a bank heist gone wrong. – Gridlock

outside of Gridlock

Large highways filled with cars surround Gridlock with many nice parks, temples, and skyscrapers just to the outskirts.

starting match on Gridlock

A large bang is heard at the beginning of the match; the explosion can be seen impacting the highway overhead and leaving it on fire. A firetruck on the map can be seen putting out the fire during gameplay.

ice cream store

Above the ice cream store you will see an ice cream cone that looks like a cat, the cat blows colorful bubbles into the street.


In the spawn near the crashed transport truck you will see video game advertisements, one looks to be about Godzilla, and another looks to have the five Power Rangers. Are you old enough to remember the Power Rangers?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Night Light