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Release Date October 12, 2018
Location Spain
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October 12, 2018SpainView All

A lavish vineyard estate situated on a quiet lake in the Spanish countryside. Home to a high-ranking crime syndicate boss. – Hacienda

outside of Hacienda

Outside Hacienda you will see a nice lake with a few nice bouts and on the other side of the map you can find large open farm fields with a few farmhouses and trees.

starting a match on Hacienda

A helicopter can bee seen hovering in the spawn at the start of the match and when the timers count to zero it will fly over the map and just miss the players in the opposite spawn.

underwater on Hacienda

One side of the map connected to the lake can be swum in; under the water you will see many fish and even a dead body in a bag and tied to a concrete block.

hidden room on Hacienda

The map has a few interactive buttons where one will open or close the door to a hidden room near the center of the map on the main floor of the mansion, a button that turns on the water fountain in the center of the map and a button the rotates the supercar in the garage.

tiger under the map on Hacienda

Under the mansion you can find a large tiger that is seen walking around its blood-covered cage. This tiger has caused issues in pro gaming because its footsteps sound like players walking around the map, this resulted in the map being pulled out of the pro gaming playlist.

Hacienda easteregg

Many items are seen in the glass cabinet on the lower floor of the mansion like the sock monkey from the zombie’s map Zetsubou No Shima, the record from Origins, Dead Ops Arcade 2 banana, a Nuketown robot mannequin head and much more.


In the office of the mansion you can find a wall filled with images, notes, and string that are stuck to the wall in the form of an investigation, the pictures include maps like Hazard, Stronghold, Hijacked, Empire, Hunted, Icebreaker, Contraband, Frequency, and Militia.
The board talks about a ringleader named Horse, a contact guy named Ivan, the secret weapon in the artic, the contraband hideout being found, a man with an eye patch, and a guy named Vincent being found dead.

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