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Release Date October 12, 2018
Location Arctic
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October 12, 2018ArcticView All

A long-lost U.S. nuclear submarine in the Arctic houses a uranium supply which a Russian unit has come to salvage. – Icebreaker

outside of Icebreaker

Icebreaker is surrounded by large icebergs and some open water, you can also see a large icebreaker ship, army equipment and snowmobiles

starting a match on Icebreaker

At the start of the match, you will hear loud cracks that are coming from the icebergs, the icebergs are also seen crumbling into the water.

Icebreaker underwater

You can swim from one spawn to the other inside the dark freezing water that runs the full side of the map, the water does leave ice on the player’s screen for a short time after getting out.

big ship on Icebreaker

During the game the big ship on the outskirts can be seen moving a large radioactive bomb around the maps spawn area.

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