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Black Gold

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Release Date April 12, 2023
Location Al Mazrah (Western Asia)
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
April 12, 2023Al Mazrah (Western Asia)None

Grab your night vision goggles and thermal optics: We’re going dark for a nighttime raid at the Rohan Oil Refinery. – Black Gold


Both the SpecGru and KorTac teams fly through the dark filled skies until entering the map boundaries and proceeding to grapple into the spawn areas, a few seconds later the match will start on this extremely large 6v6 map.


Not much can be seen outside the map, the small portions players can see are map elements from Al Mazrah. Most of the elements have been removed from the far distance.


Black Gold is the first multiplayer map on Modern Warfare II that features Night Vision. Players can choose between night vision on or off. With night vision off its hard to see most of the map, some areas of the map have lights that will turn on as players enter certain areas. The lights are located around the main buildings and inside all buildings.


Rohan Oil Facility is now on fire! This provides a small amount of added light. Rohan Oil is a well-known Al Mazrah location.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Night Light