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Release Date February 15, 2023
Location Al Mazrah (Western Asia)
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February 15, 2023Al Mazrah (Western Asia)View All

Prepare for high-altitude combat as you deploy on Dome. Sweeping views and tight quarters combat. Use the offices for cover and jump into the bunkers or the Dome for some quick action. The streets are open and provide some great lines of sights so use them to your advantage. – Dome


Dome is located in the heart of Al Mazrah at the top of the mountain. Players will see the full warzone map around the outside of Dome. The sun is up and the day is shining, a great day for war on a classic multiplayer map return.


The match starts with both teams driving into the map in the back of work vans. The vans stop just on the outskirts, and a few seconds later, the match begins.


Mount Zaya Defense Control Center, this Military Installation is under 24-hour surveillance. Access to this facility is restricted to members of the Armed Forces of Adal. All other individuals must be granted proper authorization. While on this installation all personnel are under the jurisdiction of the installation Commander and are subject to search.


The small fenced-off area that is just outside of the dome area has now been removed. In previous versions of Dome this area was very popular for campers as it provided good protection and visual sights. One area that was good for defending bomb sights and collecting killstreaks.

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