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Holiday Shipment

Those on the naughty list won’t have to fret over any mythological creatures during this holiday season; the only threats here are your fellow Operators looking to get Camos that shine brighter than tinsel.



The war-torn city on the outskirts of Al Mazrah, use the stores in the center as cover or the school and office buildings to provide cover to teammates below. The open streets and fields are ideal for snipers.



Battle in a post-apocalyptic Mediterranean fortress cobbled together with old ship parts and crumbling walls. The maritime graveyard sits where water once flowed freely, with Operators battling for possession of the few...



Deep underground lies an experimental test site where research and development is underway that could turn the tide of the war. Now’s the time to deploy and take it by force.


Hotel Royal

Two months following the successful D-Day invasion, an uprising occurs in Paris by members of a local Resistance. This small, three-lane-like map is great for run and gun combat.



Training course for Special Forces. This medium-sized map comprises a mock town complete with “homes” and “businesses” made up of construction materials and plywood.



Shelled from a distance, this old fortress on the southern-most Japanese prefecture is the backdrop to an autumn Special Forces search mission. A reimagining of Treyarch’s classic World at War map.



Descend into an abandoned underground subway tunnel in West Germany beneath the Berlin Wall that now serves as a black market for weapons.


The Pines

Lured and baited by Perseus, Adler and his task force must stop the unleashing of the deadly VFX Nova 6 in a New Jersey mall.

Night Light