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Holiday Shipment

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Release Date December 15, 2022
Location Atlantic Ocean
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December 15, 2022Atlantic OceanView All

Those on the naughty list won’t have to fret over any mythological creatures during this holiday season; the only threats here are your fellow Operators looking to get Camos that shine brighter than tinsel. – Holiday Shipment

holiday shipment out

The EXTAN Oil Rigs outside the map are now covered in Christmas lights. The sky is now filled with snow and the Atlantic Waves are still rocking the ship. The sky is still filled with thick dark clouds and the Armored Patrol Boats are more difficult to see. Not much else has changed from the original version of the map.

holiday shipment bullet lights

All weapons fired on Holiday Shipment have holiday bullet tracers and colorful bullet impacts, red and green tracers add an extra Christmas specialty to Holiday Shipment. This is similar to the bullet tracers from Winter Crash from Call of Duty 4. Happy Holidays!!


All of the cartel drugs have been removed from the map and the shipping containers. The map is now filled with stuffed animals presents and Christmas decorations. Many snowmen can be seen scattered around the map. A large Christmas tree with presents can be seen on top of the center shipping containers.

holiday shipment stay frosty

Many of the Christmas decorations seen around the map like the stockings and the candy cane posters are reused from the last holiday map called Winter Docks from Modern Warfare. Players will also find many of the other items like the lights and Christmas reefs familiar as well. Shipment is always an intense battle so enjoy the holiday season and Stay Frosty!


About five minutes into the game, You will see Santa’s sleigh fly overhead from the first oil rig with Riley the dog from Call of Duty Ghosts leading the sleigh, and a large Teddy Bear sitting in the back. The same Sleigh with Riley was also seen in the multiplayer map Winter Docks.

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