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Al Malik International

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Release Date February 15, 2023
Location Al Mazrah (Western Asia)
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
February 15, 2023Al Mazrah (Western Asia)None

Located at the southern tip of Al Mazrah, this modern airport mixes various combat styles. Take the fight indoors in the Terminal, head to the roof for advantageous angles, or get vehicular on the tarmac. – Al Malik International


The game starts with two large 32 vs 32 teams dropping into the home bases on each side of the map. Players have the choice between two game modes on this map:
Ground War: Two teams, square off to capture an odd number of objectives. This is a supersized version of Domination, including vehicles for epic brawls. The first team to earn 250 points wins the match.
Invasion: A massive chaotic battle with a mix of players and AI fighting alongside each other. The first team to reach 2,000 points wins the match.

Battle Map Sarrif Bay cars

Vehicles drop into the map via parachutes, depending on game mode you chose will depend on available vehicles. Boots on the ground are not the only means to success; use landand air vehicles to aid in capturing objectives. The Light Tank is a maneuverable tank with a multipurpose turret and light armor that comes with three firing options: The first two are controlled by the driver: a main, quick-firing turret meant for anti-infantry, and a set of missiles meant for vehicular combat. The third requires a second Operator to pilot the exposed .50 Cal gunner seat.


Need Ammo? You will find Ammo Caches throughout the Al Malik International battle map, this will not give you a full stack of ammo but will provide enough to kill a few enemies and keep the battle going.


Terminal… A Multiplayer map that every Call of Duty fan knows, this legendary location can be found in the main building. Terminal’s first appearance was in Modern Warfare 2 and has now been seen again 5 times including Call of Duty Mobile and Infinite Warfare.

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