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Release Date October 28, 2022
Location Al Mazrah (Western Asia)
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October 28, 2022Al Mazrah (Western Asia)View All

The war-torn city on the outskirts of Al Mazrah, use the stores in the center as cover or the school and office buildings to provide cover to teammates below. The open streets and fields are ideal for snipers. – Taraq


Outside of this battle area is a large open desert with roads leading into the Al Mazrah city, Mawizeh, and the Al Sharim Pass. Players will also see many war-torn buildings, Palm trees, and a cloud-filled sky.


Players join in on the battle by flying over Taraq and dropping down from a helicopter moments before the countdown timer ends and the battle begins.

taraq reimagning

Taraq is a reimagined version of the multiplayer map Neuville from the first Call of Duty. The map layout seen in the image is a replica of the map with the school having a slight layout change, all other areas have a matching layout.

taraq winter docks

A TV box located in a small building has a picture of the multiplayer map Winter Docks as the advertisement for the TV. Also in the same room is a kids coloring of a family and a poster for the War Beast video game that has been seen in other maps in the past.

taraq teddy bears

Teddy bears are the most common easter egg in the Call of Duty world, this map features over 15 teddy bears with some leaning against the tomb stones in the graveyard, some inside many of the buildings, and one on a roof eating a sandwich. Some can also be seen on the outskirts of the map.

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