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Zarqwa Hydroelectric

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Release Date October 28, 2022
Location Al Mazrah (Western Asia)
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
October 28, 2022Al Mazrah (Western Asia)None

The Historical Hydraulic System located in Al Mazrah provides many routes for players to conquer the enemy team, take a swim and bring your waterproof weapons. – Zarqwa Hydroelectric


A great sunset view featuring large mountains and colorful skies can be seen outside of Zarqwa Hydroelectric. Players will also see many small communities, stores, factories, and bright blue water that surrounds the battle area.


Players join in on the battle by flying to the beautiful Zarqwa Hydroelectric site and dropping down from a helicopter moments before the countdown timer ends and the battle begins.

Zarqwa Hydroelectric visitor

Welcome to a Historical Hydraulic System, tour passes are $8 to $16 and free for kids. Tour all of the wonderful locations including the Pipe Well Ruins, Old Watchtower Ruins, Hydraulic System A, Information Station, Hydraulic System B, Pumped Storage Station, Control Center, The Power House, Boat Ramp & Fuel Station, and the East and West Bridges.


Infinity Ward has never featured swimmable water in a multiplayer map until now! The water along the outskirts of the area is a great way to travel around the map with many tunnels that lead players in and out of the center of the map. The water is stunning but the caves are dark, keep your eyes out for enemies and ignore the fish. 

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