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Santa Sena Border Crossing

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Release Date October 28, 2022
Location US-Mexico border
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October 28, 2022US-Mexico borderView All

A bridge battle between the US and Mexico border is a great location for close-range gun fights, using the cars and alleyways as cover and penetrate the enemy spawn. Don’t let your cover explode! – Santa Sena Border Crossing


Outside the map is a large steel wall that separates Mexico and the United Starts, this wall has been destroyed along with many other areas of the border. Also seen outside the map is many houses, a few stores, many campers, and mountains under a sunny blue sky.


The match starts with both teams driving into the border area in vehicles while almost running over civilians. Both vehicles stop just to the outskirts as players start to run into the battle area. A few seconds later, the match begins.

breaking bad

The RV Camper from the television series Breaking Bad can be seen in the streets of Santa Sena Border Crossing. This reference is known by the five taped-over bullet holes in the door of the RV. In the TV series, Jesse Pinkman uses duck tape to cover the holes after a gunfight during a forced cook session.


You’re at the US Border, don’t forget the rules! Smuggling could result in 20 years in federal prison, and do not travel with over $10,000, Illegal Drugs include Cannabis, cocaine, MDMA, Hallucinogens, Heroin, Inhalants, Ketamine, and Methamphetamines. The CBP has a zero-tolerance policy that can result in the seizure of your vehicle or imprisonment.

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