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Mercado Las Almas

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Release Date October 28, 2022
Location Las Almas, Mexico
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October 28, 2022Las Almas, MexicoView All

Street market In Las Almas. Fight within the market and in the surrounding buildings both residential and industrial. – Mercado Las Almas

Mercado Las Almas outside

Large Mountains surround this small Mexican town with a large waterfall flowing water to the town’s small waterways. Just to the outskirts are many small buildings, palm trees, and streets filled with police cars.


The match starts with both teams arriving on the streets; one team will arrive in the back of a white van while the other team flies in and grapples down from a helicopter. 

Mercado Las Almas stores

Mercado Las Almas is a town that sells lots of fun toys, clothing, and party supplies. The stuffed animals for sale have been seen in many of the Modern Warfare maps and the piñatas will explode with confetti when shot.

Mercado Las Almas poster

A missing dog poster can be seen in many spots around the center streets. “Have you seen this dog? He answers to Guillermo. Grey and brown coat, very friendly. Last seen 5pm Tuesday 4/7 near the corner of Barajas and Gill ST. If found or spotted, please Call: 555-0102.”


More Las Almas Cartel cocaine can be seen spread around the map with lots of cocaine bricks seen on a table inside the garage and stuffed into many cute stuffed elephants.


Just to the outskirts is a building with many statues including two large sitting lions with wings, many wrapped statues on the roof, and a nice water fountain outside of the building. This building is known as a Teatro, a theatre for performing arts.

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