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Shoot House

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Release Date November 16, 2022
Location Las Almas, Mexico
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Release DateLocationRemakes
November 16, 2022Las Almas, MexicoView All

Situated in the jungles south of Las Almas, the Shoot House’s new home was built for training cartel hired guns with the same level of intensity as Mexican Special Forces Operators. This live-fire facility is just as deadly as you remember it. – Shoot House


The views outside of Shoot House provide players with two large waterfalls that pour into the lake at the base of the mountain, the mountains around the battle area are stunning with large rock peaks that sit in front of a bright blue sky. During the match, players will hear the waterfall, bird calls, cows and even some wolfs howling in the distance.


On the table inside the main building is a map of Las Almas and a blueprint of the Las Almas airport. This could be a hint to a future Warzone map as the Battle Map Guijarro is located inside Las Almas and when playing on Guijarro, it looks to have many more usable locations outside its battle area.


Under the direction of a mysterious military and security advisor known as “El Sin Nombre”, Sicarios were sent to the mountains to receive the same training in urban, mountain, jungle and close quarter combat as elite Mexican Special Forces operators. Utilizing the jungle and mountain coverage to hide their elaborate training facilities, the sicarios of La Red were transformed into a veritable army of assassins.


Just like the Original Map, some of the targets in the battle area are interactive, shooting them will move the targets and return them to the original location after being shot.

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