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Modern Warfare


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Release Date October 24, 2019
Developer Infinity Ward
Multiplayer Maps 59

Release Date Developer Multiplayer Maps
October 24, 2019 Infinity Ward 59



Somewhere in an Urzikstan town, with a variety of engagement opportunities. Whether it’s long sightlines that lead to sniping battles or intrabuilding close-quarters conflicts, the action here is sure to be fast...



Based near the main port of Verdansk. This famous returning map is known for some of the fastest gun fights in the franchise. The super small favorite returns with a twist. Always Look Up!


Shoot House

Out in the desert of Urzikstan at a classified location, a military shoot house or training course was built for stationed soldiers to conduct intense exercises. Small map with fast paced close quarters combat.


St. Petrograd

In the Kastovian city, everything is left behind. Apartments go empty, trains and first responder vehicles litter the streets. Large open fights in the streets with close combat battle in the buildings.



The expansive, complex arena, with a mix of open-air and closed-off combat settings. Three asymmetrical lanes run the length of Rammaza, with various elevated routes crisscrossing the airspace above.



Based in London, an open street warzone filled with busses and multilevel advantages. Take the underground to sneak up behind the enemy or relax in the bookstore and wait for them.


Hackney Yard

Despite its size, there is plenty of depth to the yard, as its three-lane structure and multiple buildings create natural competitive flow and contested areas.


Gun Runner

Battle along the power plant and mine just outside of Tavorsk with close quarter gunfights in around the coal furnace and long-distance battles in the fields. A Great map for any game mode.


Grazna Raid

This overgrown, derelict town 5 kilometers outside of Venskaya, Russia on the edge of farmland provides lots of different playing styles with tall buildings to overlook the enemy and close combat to destroy them.


Euphrates Bridge

Located outside of Haditha, Urzikstan is this deserted roadside compound and travel center. Blown-out houses, destroyed busses and a neglected bridge provides great line of sight from above with intense assault rifle...


Azhir Cave

Set at a makeshift ammunition factory hidden in the mountains of Urzikstan, rough tunnels create a confusing maze with lots of room for gunfights outside the cave.

arklov peak

Arklov Peak

The aftermath of a battle of tanks in a quit location, open sightlines make for a great sniper advantage in the trenches while the houses and center yard provide great cover for close range combat.


Mastery Challenges

Mastery challenges are revealed as you earn them. They do not count toward percent complete. This list is a full list of all available Mastery challenges found in Warzone and Multiplayer on Call of Duy Modern Warfare.



There are more ways to travel around Call of Duty Modern Warfare maps than just a parachute and your own two feet. Throughout Multiplayer and Warzone, you may come across vehicles that will help you travel faster by...


Tactical Equipment

Tactical equipment does not typically deal lethal damage, but rather provides a potential strategic advantage within or outside of combat, such as confusing an enemy. Grab the Stimshot to give yourself a health boost...


Lethal Equipment

This selection of handheld tools inflicts lethal amounts of damage to enemy infantry. Some also wear down enemy vehicles and other technology. All the equipment is throwable with some being timed explosives and others...


Field Upgrades

Field Upgrades are abilities and pieces of gear that can give you a tactical edge in battle. They recharge throughout a fight. More powerful Field Upgrades take longer to charge. Field Upgrade Pro lets you equip two...



Killstreaks are powerful support packages that you can call into the battlefield during a match. Used properly, they can turn the tide of the fight. Earn Killstreaks by getting kills without dying. Each type of...



Passive bonuses can be mixed and matched to fit your playstyle. Use them to boost your strengths or cover your weaknesses.


Secondary Weapons

Secondary Weapons are your backup weapon and engagement style change weapons. these include lightweight, low-capacity weapons with extremely quick handling speeds, shells for extreme close-quarters situations, single...


Primary Weapons

Your main weapon is your Primary Weapon and it should suit your style of play. Many weapons provide different play styles from the run and gun to camp and scope on your enemies. Options include fully automatic, compact...



These unique characters – each with their own backstory, nationality, character dialogue, character skins, and cosmetic customization options – have reported for duty as part of one of two opposing factions: Coalition...



Assemble your team and defend yourselves against waves of increasingly difficult threats, earning the experience and equipment to outlast the enemy.

into the furnace


Partner with special forces and freedom fighters to retrieve stolen chemical weapons. Covert operations will take you across Europe and the Middle East in order to stop full scale global war. The world will look to you...

Night Light