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El Asilo

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Release Date October 28, 2022
Location Las Almas, Mexico
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
October 28, 2022Las Almas, MexicoNone

A fight in the Las Almas hills, use the fields for long-range weapons and the indoor quarters for short-range gunfights. – El Asilo

El Asilo outside

Outside the map is a large waterfall flowing from the mountainside and down the side of the map to a small bridge. Players will also see many small towns and powerlines surrounded by more mountains.

El Asilo start

The match starts with both teams arriving at the fields behind each spawn building in a helicopter, flying in and grappling down from the helicopter just before the time limit ends. 

el asilo arcade machines

A few Arcade Machines are seen in the bar, the one called War Beast is an arcade machine that was seen in previous multiplayer maps like Al-Raab Airbase and Petrov Oil Rig from Modern Warfare. The other machines are called Space Cade and Actibase Arcade Classics, also seen in previous maps.


The map is scattered with Cocaine packages, weapons, and money. All the Cocaine packages are labeled with a rose and two daggers with the printed name of Las Almas Cartel. The Las Almas Cartel is a group that smuggled drugs for terrorist groups in the Campaign with a leader named Valeria Garza.

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