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Kunstenaar District

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Release Date July 12, 2023
Location Netherlands
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
July 12, 2023NetherlandsNone

Vondel’s scenic arts district features boutique shops, townhouses, and a neighborhood brewery in an area adorned with street art. Take a swim in the canal to avoid detection and watch your flank when moving past the central plaza. Use the map’s tight interiors to move across its traditional three-lane structure while pre-empting close-quarters threats from within. – Kunstenaar District


Outside of Kunstenaar District players will see the Vondel stadium paintball field and all the other parts of the Vondel Battle Map. Just beyond the paintball field is the multiplayer map Vondel Waterfront.


Players will also see the Hayring Museum just outside the map and all of its cool statues. Statues include a lion with wings, which symbolizes mastery of the earth and sky and is linked with might and wisdom. Other statues are also seen on the front lawn of the Museum and even a large Human sized Chest board.


Around the maps playable area and just to the outskirts is many signs that talk about the things you can experience in Vondel. These include:
Egyptische Mysteries – A journey into the unknown history of Egypt.
Zoo & Aquarium – Hungry for adventure? Or just Hungry Hungry?
Hayring Museum – History Lives Here. Come see what culture has to offer.

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