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Vondel Waterfront

3.1/5 - (17 votes)
Release Date July 12, 2023
Location Netherlands
Remakes None
Release DateLocationRemakes
July 12, 2023NetherlandsNone

The floating homes and waterways present multiple flanking paths, with the map’s two main power positions looming over the center. A successful team will need to balance control over these positions with smart use of all available routes to keep up the pressure. – Vondel Waterfront


Outside of Vondel Waterfront is of course the large Vondel Battle Map. Payers will see the stadium, the Zoo, Fire Department, and many other places like the Museum in the far distance. The multiplayer map Kunstenaar District is just across the stadium but not visible from the playable area.


Vondel Waterfront is surrounded by water and provides the most flank routes ever seen on a multiplayer map. Players can swim around the outskirts, under houses, and even through some narrow tunnels to catch the advantage of enemies.

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